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Literacy Begins in the Home

Seeing progress in English can sometimes be hard to measure. The answers are subjective, so you can’t simply look at right answers and know that they are getting it correct. You have to go a little deeper when you work with students on English because it is about their ability to comprehend the material and think critically about it. We highly encourage reading at home and we have resources to tell you what books might be good to start with.

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Grammar is Our Jam

As much as people think that language is just whatever you need to say to get someone to understand you, it is actually a little more than that. If you leave yourself open to interpretation, you could end up sending the completely wrong message and ruin what you meant. We can help you use proper grammar, which will become important at SAT time.

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our mission

Arizona’s literacy is just the same as the rest of the country, struggling. We are all in need of some more help. It is not our fault that the resources needed for teachers are hard to come by, but we can improve on the way that students learn at AZLit. We are committed to solving the literacy issues plaguing our state.

Who We Are

Our organization is comprised of a combination of teachers and other scholars and book lovers. We do our best to provide a diverse variety of qualified professionals to help challenge young minds and push them to succeed more often. Our students are the best readers in the state.

Our Vision

Perfect literacy would be the ultimate goal, but we are realistic in our endeavor. The only way to get to that level is by improving bit by bit over time. We only have so much that we can offer, but that little bit can go a long way. We just hope that we can reach more people because we are only so big. We hope to inspire more to join in on the fight.


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Special Programs

Many children these days are diagnosed with learning disabilities at a young age and need extra resources to learn. For those students, we offer a wealth of different programs and advisers to help make sure that you are not getting any less.

More than that, we also recognize that many adults go a long time without being diagnosed. They might power through and not even realize. We also offer programs for adults to make sure that they can reclaim the skills they have always possessed.

A lot of people look at their limitations and think of them like a brick wall, but we see you for your potential. You are just waiting for someone to help you unlock it, which is where we come in to save the day.

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why choose us..?

Have you still not been convinced that this is the best way to get more English education in Arizona? Here are a few more reasons.



We have access to all of the online databases and resources that you can use to improve on your skills or cite better sources in your papers.



Do you have issues getting normal education? We will come up with a better way for you to get the same quality education as your peers.



We have high-quality help that is there just to help you, so you never have to worry about whose hands you’re in.