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Summer Reading Guide

Over the summer, the last thing that students want to worry about is another assignment. They just want to go off to camp and have fun with their friends. To make sure that they are committed to still learning to read, you should offer a selection of books to try that they can choose their favorite two of. That way, they get some choice and independence and you can control the topics that they are writing about. I will talk more about what kinds of books to choose.

Making Things Interesting

I think that every English teacher is trying new things every day to make the same old lessons seem new and interesting. It is a great way to make the lessons stick with kids. The problem is that many techniques are overused and not that effective. Kids are smart and you can’t get by with something cheesy. There are a lot of teachers that think hip hop will be the way to get lessons across, but they don’t realize that the reason Lin Manuel Miranda can make it work is that he practiced rapping too. We talk about how to reach kids in new ways.


One of the more divisive subjects in English class are symbols because you can really find symbols in anything. What you see often says more about you than you can say about the true intentions of the writer. We think that we are able to climb into the writer’s head, but we only know so much. What English teachers can teach is how to convincingly argue why something is a symbol. It is not always about the right answer, but how you write the answer instead.