community outreach program

One of the chief goals of our group is to make sure that the lessons that we teach align with the values of the community, which is why we are always looking for new ways to get parents and families involved through our collective work, we can help to make sure that Arizona is one of the most literate states in the country.

community outreach program

Our professional staff offers trainings for parents, teacher, speech therapists, and others who are interested in language and literacy issues. Some of our training topics have included: Get Ready to Read! reading readiness screening for preschoolers, Phonological Awareness and Its Relationship to Literacy, Assessment of At-Risk Students, Brain Research in Dyslexia, and Dyslexia: The Ghost Disease!

  • Some families struggle when it comes to literacy due to learning disabilities, but we are committed to making sure that those students get the help that they need. We host seminars for parents with children that have learning disabilities to make sure that they are well-equipped in the home.
  • Our other resources are growing, but we are constantly seeking feedback to make sure things get better. We think that this is a work in progress and we also believe that we can always get better. We need your help to tell us what we can do to make this community more inviting to you.


We are first and foremost an organization that is built for the family. We want to make sure that the right values are instilled early when it comes to education and we do so by involving the parents early and often as well.


The greatest thing about living in this time is that we have so many more resources. We also have so many options that choosing the right one is tough. We can help you find the right one for you and your family.


For most of our students, they are coming into our program at a time when they are at their most curious and we want to feed that curiosity as much as possible.


The other great thing about the community that we build is the relationships that we help foster. This is a great way to meet other kids in the area and even the parents can make new connections.


You can never start networking too early. I look back at some of the opportunities that I have had and they come from the strangest sources. You never know who you can meet that can help change your life.


Reading alone can be boring, but having a group to discuss with can make everything more exciting. At the very least, you can hear other people’s perspectives. You might hear some things that you never would have imagined on your own.